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HxGN SmartNet - Satellite Positioning Services - How it works

"HxGN SmartNet is fast and easy, and it makes us more productive on our jobs."

Micah Sawyer, Chase Excavating


HxGN SmartNet allows Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) users to increase productivity and solve common problems, such as limited availability and communication issues, through local Real Time Kinematic (RTK) networks.

HxGN SmartNet: Precision You Can Count On

  • GNSS satellites broadcast signals, sending data to reference stations and GNSS devices around the globe.
  • Reference stations stream the GNSS data to HxGN SmartNet servers, which also receive approximate positions of GNSS devices.
  • This data is then processed, and HxGN SmartNet sends RTK corrections back to GNSS devices over the mobile internet.
  • The corrected position is accurate down to centimetre, providing HxGN SmartNet users with precision they can count on.

Our technology enables ambitious integrators to develop new products and applications for Surveying, Precision Farming, Construction, Machine Control, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with built-in precision down to the centimetre.

HxGN SmartNet has perfected the need for accuracy and availability. Users receive high precision correction data in an open standard format (RTCM) simply by connecting any GNSS-enabled devices over the mobile internet. This correction data is used on the GNSS device to enhance its autonomous position even down to a centimetre. This precise position can be used afterward on the application of devices, assets and machines. On the device or even in the cloud, the value of the application is enhanced.

HxGN SmartNet delivers the maximum precision out of any RTK-enabled device where the GNSS devices has service coverage. The network also supports the open RTCM standard. The advantages clearly outperform the old and complicated process of reference station setup and maintenance.

Unlock the power of your GNSS device.

For users with multi-constellation GNSS receivers able to track Galileo and BeiDou satellites as well as GPS and GLONASS, HxGN SmartNet can provide corrections from all available constellations. For Leica Geosystems hardware users that would like to take advantage of these additional signals, user configuration guides are provided.

Why HxGN SmartNet

A precise positioning service for new opportunities.