Why HxGN SmartNet

HxGN SmartNet is the world’s largest Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) correction service provider. Click to find out more.


HxGN SmartNet offers reliable coverage and local support from the world’s largest GNSS correction service. View your local coverage here.


Regardless of how or where you use HxGN SmartNet, the precision is there for you.

How it works

Find out how HxGN SmartNet works.


From precision agriculture to asset data collection, HxGN SmartNet supports professionals in a wide array of industries.

Unlock the Power of GNSS

HxGN SmartNet is the GNSS correction service built on the largest reference station network in the world.

HxGN SmartNet App

The HxGN SmartNet app provides you with status updates and information pushed directly to your mobile device.

Stay informed and connected, always.

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HxGN SmartNet transforms the world’s largest reference network into a precise positioning service. Opening your businesses to new market opportunities and connecting it to parties not before accessible.

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