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Cookie Policy
This Cookie Policy applies to the following website(s):
(the “Websites”)


This policy summarises the different types of cookies we use on the Websites, together with their respective purpose and duration (i.e. how long each cookie will remain on your device) and how to prevent and/or delete cookies.
Except for cookies necessary for the functioning of the Websites, we will place cookies only if you have allowed us to do so by pressing the “allow” button in the Cookie Information on the top-page of our Website. Please note that if you do not allow us to place cookies or disable the cookies that we use, this may impact your user experience while on the Websites. If you want to change your settings at any time, you can return to the top-page of our Website and use the “allow” or “do not allow” buttons. You may also disable cookies by using your browser settings, please be referred to “How to prevent and/or delete cookies” below.

What are cookies?
Cookies are files or pieces of information that may be stored on your computer (or other internet enabled devices, such as a smartphone or tablet) when you visit a Website. A cookie will usually contain the name of the website from which the cookie originated, the “lifetime” of the cookie (i.e. how long it will remain on your device), and a value, which is usually a randomly generated unique number.

What we use cookies for
The Websites use strictly necessary cookies which are essential to make the Websites work correctly and are strictly necessary in order to enable you to move around the Website and use its features.
The Websites also use “analytical” cookies. They allow us to optimize the performance of the Websites in order to enhance your website experience and to make the Websites easier to use and to better tailor the Websites to your interests and needs. The cookies also enable the user to remain logged in to e.g. the subscription service on the Websites. Further, the cookies help speed up your future activities and experience on the Websites by remembering user preferences such as language and font size and user agent properties, e.g. screen resolution and connection speed. We also use the cookies to compile anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how people use the Websites and to help us improve their structure and content.
Read more about the individual cookies we use and how to recognise them in the table under “Cookies used on the Websites” below.

Cookies used on the Websites
There are three types of cookies:

  • persistent cookies,
  • session cookies and
  • third party cookies

Persistent cookies save a file for an extended period on your computer and is used, for example, with functions which describe what information is new since you last visited the particular website (how long the cookie remains on your device will depend on the duration or “lifetime” of the specific cookie and your browser settings).
Session cookies are stored temporarily in your computer’s memory while you are visiting the website and surfing a page, and is used, for example, to determine what language you have chosen. Once you leave the website, the session cookie is deleted.

Detailed information on the cookies used on the Websites
Cookie Purpose Stored data Duration Sharing
ASP.NET_SessionId General purpose platform session cookie, used by sites written with Miscrosoft .NET based technologies. Save the key value Example: “zy0z0ctn2hofqixcwphsrrym” 1 Year
SC_analitys_Global_cookie SiteCore will check for the SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE cookie and if found, will use the existing Visitor record to attribute to a new Visit Record. Save the key value and boolean value Example: “23cd686b73784ee095012a1dc9aeb0b3|False” 10 Years SiteCore
HexagonPolicy The main purpose is that the user accept the policy of the site Save the capability has two possible values (explicit/implied) Example: capability=implied End of year
Hexagon web site
__atuvc This cookie is associated with the AddThis social sharing widget Save the key value. Example: 7%7C35 2 Years AddThis
__atuvs This cookie is associated with the AddThis social sharing widget Save the key value. Example: 55e4ad8672ae93d1000 40 minutes AddThis
JSESSIONID User Session ID Session Key Example: 1sL1iTgLae6s0E3WKi3vuVEnvWkPUQF
User Session myWorld
JSESSIONMARKID 2nd User Session ID Session Key Example:
User Session myWorld
MYSAPSSO2 Logon Ticket for Single Sign On into myWorld Applications Encrypted User data User Session myWorld
PortalAlias Name under which the portal will be addressed Text: portal User Session myWorld
saplb_* Server Identification Server ID: (J2EE5728820)5728850 User Session myWorld
BC_BANDWIDTH Brightcove Video Service bandwith information 1447663520628X31559 User Session myWorld

Google Analytics

How to prevent and/or delete cookies
Most internet browsers are initially set up to automatically accept cookies. You can change the settings to block cookies or to alert you when cookies are being sent to your device. There are a number of ways to manage cookies. Please refer to your browser instructions or help screen to learn more about how to adjust or modify your browser settings.
If you disable the cookies that we use, this may impact your experience while on the Websites, for example you may not be able to visit certain areas of a Hexagon Site or you may not receive personalised information when you visit a Hexagon Site.
If you use different devices to view and access the Websites (e.g. your computer, smartphone, tablet etc) you will need to ensure that each browser on each device is adjusted to suit your cookie preferences.

Hexagon Geosystems may amend this Cookie Policy from time to time.
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This Cookie Policy was last updated on 6 April 2017.