Enrich your service portfolio with the highly precise correction service, HxGN SmartNet

HxGN SmartNet brings value added services to your telecommunications customers. Leverage the precision of GNSS to open more opportunities for your business while your customers receive more service, better service.


Your Benefits

Connect to high precission GNSS corrections and go beyond geolocation services. With more than 5,300 reference networks worldwide, provide the next level of GNSS precision for partners around the globe.

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Industry Expertise

HxGN SmartNet transforms the world’s largest reference network into a precise positioning service. With a clear understanding of the importance of mobile locating, we bring new solutions for your unique business needs.


The service is provided 24/7 by a highly-available infrastructure and professional support team with more than 10 years of experience reliably delivering the service.


Recognised GNSS experts work throughout the Hexagon organisation, specifically focusing on HxGN SmartNet and GNSS solutions.

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Unlock the Power of GNSS

HxGN SmartNet is the GNSS correction service built on the largest reference station network in the world.