Precisely locating vehicles within a lane with HxGN SmartNet

10 million autonomous vehicles are expected to be on the world's roads by 2020. These driverless cars depend on high-precision GNSS to know where to go and keep the roads safe. HxGN SmartNet delivers centimetre-precision to keep them going.


Your Benefits

Precise GNSS positioning ensures safe and smart driverless cars. With this digitalisation of the automative industry, business is open for new and exciting opportunites.

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Industry Expertise

HxGN SmartNet transforms the world’s largest reference network into a precise positioning service.  Recognised GNSS experts work throughout the Hexagon organisation, specifically focusing on HxGN SmartNet and GNSS solutions.


The service is provided 24/7 by a highly-available infrastructure and professional support team with more than 10 years of experience reliably delivering the service.


HxGN SmartNet is based on Leica Geosystems market-proven GNSS technology, providing a GNSS Correction Service available over the internet. Made up of a network of permanent GNSS reference stations, the combined data is used to generate GNSS corrections for any GNSS device. This network generates GNSS corrections, such as open standard RTK.

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HxGN SmartNet Global

HxGN SmartNet Global products are built for our Leica GS Smart antenna and receiver users. Automatically switch technologies whenever it suits you.