Asset Data Collection

Efficient and precise data collection with HxGN SmartNet

On average, 80 million people a year are added to the world population. As more and more people rely on utilities, the need to precisely and efficiently locate these resources grows. HxGN SmartNet's high precision positioning enables this needed task.


Your Benefits

HxGN SmartNet is a cloud-based GNSS correction service, achieving 1-2 cm precision. Simply load the GIS data and use the correction data from the cloud.

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Industry Expertise

Data collection is a skill. Finding the same spot year after year is the real professional skill. With major investments into the utility and other data collection-dependent industries, we are uniquely skilled to support with HxGN SmartNet.  


HxGN SmartNet is an open-standard correction service, able to use with any GNSS device, and is constantly monitored for integrity, availability and accuracy. Bring your own device (BYOD) and simply connect for RTCM corrections from HxGN SmartNet to enhance the precision of your assets.


With your subscription to HxGN SmartNet, you have access to expert GNSS professionals  on hand and tailored to meet your unique business challenges.

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HxGN SmartNet Global

HxGN SmartNet Global products are built for our Leica GS Smart antenna and receiver users. Automatically switch technologies whenever it suits you.