Precision Farming

Applying precision agriculture techniques to your farming with HxGN SmartNet

Farmers are known to work long hours performing grueling tasks. With the guidance of HxGN SmartNet, that work becomes more precise and less tiring.



We have compactible soils, and GPS is great insurance to make sure we're running on the same wheel tracks with our tillage, planting, spraying and forage chopping operations."

Skip Hardie of Lansing, New York, USA




Precision agriculture optimises performance and better manages production costs. GNSS technology allows, with associated sensors installed on agriculture machines, to know at any moment the precise position of the tractor for reduced crops strikes and, therefore, more productivity.


HxGN SmartNet makes precision agriculture more accessible. Using a subscription to the SmartNet, you do not need to have your own RTK base station, almost halving your capital investment.

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How it works?

With a network RTK correction from SmartNet, communication distance is not restricted by the communication device.


The HxGN SmartNet service support team is embedded in the  development team and has a deep technical knowledge of GNSS service and support.

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HxGN SmartNet Global

HxGN SmartNet Global products are built for our Leica GS Smart antenna and receiver users. Automatically switch technologies whenever it suits you.