Discover the world's largest reference station network

More than 5,300 reference stations worldwide to meet your business' unique needs


HxGN SmartNet is the world’s largest Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) correction service provider. We process more data, from more reference stations around the world, than any other provider. Giving you reliable coverage and support from a global partner.


"HxGN SmartNet allows you to get your correction data and all of your state plane
coordinates right there, so it makes life a lot easier."

John Hugerich, project manager at Hugerich Construction





The largest and most reliable global service

HxGN SmartNet has more reference stations around the world than any other GNSS correction service provider. That means incredible accuracy and reliable coverage for your business.

Work smarter

With precision comes opportunity. The opportunity to unlock new and smarter ways of working, improved workflows, reduced waste, improved margins. We love precision.

Precision to the centimetre

Precision GNSS positioning gives you location accuracy down to the centimetre. The exact precision, reliability and predictability you need for machine control and automation, surveying and asset mapping.

Talking your language

Locally based service teams provide help and advice in your local language, so you can leave the technology to us and focus on your business.

Easy access to precision

HxGN SmartNet has a wide choice of flexible solutions from an easy ‘click and connect’ subscription to full API integration so you can choose the right option for your business.

Find out how contractors that are replacing their base stations with network subscriptions are increasing efficiencies and productivity.

For more information on our services and how HxGN SmartNet can help transform your business, contact us today.