Our Services

HxGN SmartNet offers a range of services to streamline your activity and simplify your workload. From our RINEX download facility to our HxGN SmartNet App, find out more about our services below.


Network RTK

HxGN SmartNet’s Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) service offers precise Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning down to the centimetre, making it ideal for situations where it is not practical to set up a base station.


Rinex Download

The RINEX download facility allows you to post-process a GNSS position when there are either no real-time corrections available, or you want to process data in your office software.



Quickly obtain highly accurate computed coordinates using our computation service, without the need for licenced office software.

HxGN SmartNet App - Stay informed and connected

HxGN SmartNet App

Download the HxGN SmartNet app for status updates and information pushed directly to your mobile device.