Locate precisely, currently where your freight is located

The last mile in logistics defines the efficiency for on-time delivery. Locate your freight container in a loading bay or in terminals. Track precisely where your assets are when every second counts. Simply link your GNSS-enabled assets into HxGN SmartNet, the cloud based correction service.


Your Benefits

As a cloud-based correction service, HxGN SmartNet can track your shipments within sub-lane accuracy. Boost your tracking software with the next dimension of asset location precision.

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Industry Expertise

Recognised GNSS experts work throughout the Hexagon organisation, specifically focusing on HxGN SmartNet and GNSS solutions. With a clear understanding of the challenges facing the logistics industry, we bring a solution to meet your exact business need. 


With more than 5,300 reference stations worldwide, HxGN SmartNet provides the most coverage. Availability and uptime of the service is constant with 24/7 service.


HxGN SmartNet transforms the world’s largest reference network into a precise positioning service. Opening your businesses to new market opportunities and connecting it to parties not before accessible, HxGN SmartNet moves your logistics operations from digital to digitalisation.

HxGN SmartNet Global

HxGN SmartNet Global products are built for our Leica GS Smart antenna and receiver users. Automatically switch technologies whenever it suits you.