Higher precision for greater crop yields with HxGN SmartNet

In the last half century, production demands on farmers has increased more than six times. To keep up with this ever-increasing need, farmers must be efficient and more productive than ever. HxGN SmartNet helps them get there.



We have compactible soils, and GPS is great insurance to make sure we're running on the same wheel tracks with our tillage, planting, spraying and forage chopping operations."

Skip Hardie of Lansing, New York, USA



Your Benefits

More Crops. Fewer Strikes. Reduced Costs. Less Tiring Work. Tractor operations are automated with the precise positiong of HxGN SmartNet. Farmers, therefore, can produce higher yields per day with less effort.

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Industry Expertise

With dedicated research and development for the agriculture industry through the Hexagon Agriculture division, we have a deep understanding and unique perspective of the challenges facing farmers today.


With more than 5,300 reference stations worldwide, HxGN SmartNet provides the most coverage. Availability and uptime of the service is constant with 24/7 service.


With more than 10 years of continuous service, more than any other service, HxGN SmartNet has been able to build its network around the globe.

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Unlock the Power of GNSS

HxGN SmartNet is the GNSS correction service built on the largest reference station network in the world.