Digitalising construction for more efficiency with HxGN SmartNet

HxGN SmartNet - Satellite Positioning Services - Construction

When applied in the construction industry, GNSS can be a viable asset to constructors and increase the overall efficiency of the job. HxGN SmartNet makes any construction project more efficient.



"Real time monitoring gave the team the ability to lift accurately and monitor the process constantly with total confidence."

David Rolton, chair of Rolton Group




SmartNet can be used in high-profile projects such as highway construction, airport runways, sports stadiums and any construction application that requires precise machine operations and repeat centimetre accuracy.


With more than 5,300 reference stations worldwide, HxGN SmartNet provides the most coverage. Availability and uptime of the service is constant with 24/7 service.

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How it works?

Using a subscription to HxGN SmartNet, you don't need your own base station network to cover your construction site. You are not limited by radio range / interference issues. Simply set up each GNSS rover on site and away you go.  To top it off, you don't need to have your own RTK base station(s), reducing your capital investment.


HxGN SmartNet offers the most precise GNSS positioning of any reference station network. The cloud-based correction service achieves 1-2 cm precision.

HxGN SmartNet Global

HxGN SmartNet Global products are built for our Leica GS Smart antenna and receiver users. Automatically switch technologies whenever it suits you.