HxGN SmartNet App – Stay informed and connected, always

Providing status updates and information directly to your mobile device.


When using HxGN SmartNet, you simply want to connect and measure. The SmartNet app gives you more ways to stay connected.

For many, HxGN SmartNet plays a crucial role in time-critical industries. That is why we created the HxGN SmartNet app: to deliver the latest status information directly to your smartphone so your information is current, and you are always aware of the environment around you.

The HxGN SmartNet app provides an information channel independent from the GNSS device being used. Whether you are a surveyor, engineer, farmer or construction machine operator, push notifications will keep you informed on all aspects of the SmartNet service relevant to your location in real time.


The HxGN SmartNet app provides:

  • Live status map, giving a real time view of the status of all reference stations in our network
  • Live view on your rover’s position and its status in real time
  • Ability to test your connection to the Ntrip source table
  • Push notifications directly from local HxGN SmartNet operators for up- to-date information about the network infrastructure and general news about the service
  • Possibility to create support tickets so our operators can help you in the field
  • Information about your subscription and quota consumption

Download the HxGN SmartNet mobile app and use your SmartNet user ID and password to log in.

HxGN SmartNet on IOS store
HxGN SmartNet - App @Google play