HxGN SmartNet App – Stay informed and connected, always

Providing you with status updates and information pushed directly to your mobile device.

HxGN SmartNet App - Stay informed and connected

When using HxGN SmartNet, many thousands of users simply want to connect and measure and this is how it should always be.

For many, HxGN SmartNet plays a crucial role in time critical industries. That’s why we have created the HxGN SmartNet  app – pushing the latest status information directly to your smart phone so you are always aware and up-to-date of the environment around you.

The HxGN SmartNet app provides an information channel that is independent of the GNSS device being used. So, whether you are a surveyor, engineer, farmer or construction machine operator, we can keep you informed of all aspects of the HxGN SmartNet service that is relevant to your location.

The HxGN SmartNet app provides:

  • Live status map, giving a real time view of the status of all reference stations in our network
  • For those with Time Limited Subscriptions, information on the amount of service time you have consumed and the time you have remaining
  • Ionospheric model information across your region
  • Test your connection to the Ntrip source table
  • Receive push notifications directly from our HxGN SmartNet operators for up-to-date status information
  • Create support tickets so our operators can help you in the field


You can download the HxGN SmartNet mobile app on:

HxGN SmartNet on IOS store


HxGN SmartNet - App @Google play


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